Our company has been developing automatic forklift (AGV) control since 2004. Our proprietary complex intralogistics software covers firmware-level programming, optimization, fleet management, visualization, and integration of manufacturing or warehouse logistics systems throughout the supply chain of AGV vehicles.

The main advantages of the AGV systems we offer are:

  • Our control system communicates with the products of well-known European manufacturers, thus enabling the control of heterogeneous fleet
  • Adaptive route management that selects lanes based on the current traffic situation
  • Active connection with field equipment (lifts, fire gates, high speed gates, conveyors)
  • Continuous online vehicle status report (status messages, malfunctions, current shipment details)
  • Integration with the entire supply chain MFCM system (control, monitoring and intervention on a single visualization interface)
  • Fast and flexible implementation with your own developer background
  • Own service group for mechanical and software servicing of the AGV system.